On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018, the project “GIRLS, NOT BRIDES” organized by BREZI YNË was exhibited at PHOTOBASTEI 2.0 in ZURICH until March 17, 2018.

Girls not brides, makes cultural traditions clash with modern views, which is presented by artistic handcraft. The arts are important expressions of the human existence. It contributes to the development of identity and community – and thus to a reflection on society. Art and culture is therefore an answer to the challenges of a diverse society. This series of events is intended to explain and encourage better understanding and rethinking. It is important to acknowledge that children must be supported and encouraged in order to develop self-confidence, ambition and assertiveness. This enables them to recognise and reject injustices, even if they are still culturally entrenched. We are committed to empowering all young people to educate themselves and develop their potential. This Swiss/Albanian cooperation enables a series of events that addresses a world problem through touching art, because  Girls are not brides.


Photobastei 2.0, Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich


Andrra, Oda, Aida Sinani, Nurie Emrullai, Lirona Sadriu, Conny Wagner


Digitalb, Clique, Albinfo, Duyaka

financial support

Stiftung Anne-Marie Schindler, Fam. Haug


Besmir Limani, Yll Coku